Introducing LivLuvLifestyle

As I began to contemplate how to launch this vlog, blog, beautiful blah blah blah I immediately got “blogged” down with doubts. 


  • Am I technical enough to do this? 
  • I haven’t been good at promoting my own interests – I continually get drawn into others’ interests - I can help them!!!
  • I don’t want it to be trite, yet some things are simple truths that we all need reminding of. 
  • I don’t want to meme people to death nor take all the “memeing” out of life.
  • I want to communicate joy, fun & loveliness, but I don’t want to be all fluff, no substance nor lose my whole voice, which can sometimes be quite provocative.
  • I consider myself a person that pursues best practices, but do I always employ them, and can I consider myself the “expert” on anything?   
  • I don’t want to talk through issues solely to identify them and create drama. 
  • I don’t want to incite vitriol from people that refuse to have civil discourse and respect for other’s opinions …public...scary!!! 

And after tumbling in that circle, aka the spinning wheel of death, I’ve been spit out of the belly of the whale to say, 

It is well.

It’s so easy to say what we don’t want. It’s much harder to identify and say what we DO want. Yet doing so, brings exactly that. 

  • I do want to inspire others to be authentically who they are & live their best lives.
  • I do want to introduce the most amazing people to each other & the world. 
  • I do want to be an influential person for the purpose of bringing good things to life & helping others.
  • I do want to encourage a deep spiritual pursuit of God in others as I pursue Him myself. 
  • I do want to create connection & community. 
  • I do want to encourage others to find and use their voice & thoughts to this community but with an intention to solve issues & build bridges. 
  • I do want to live out loud in my authentic self, bringing whatever I have to offer to the world. 
  • I do want to pursue writing, singing, dancing, arting, foodying, traveling, investing & all the “ings” that mean living.  God takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. He can do that with you and with me.

My wise and wonderful daughter Chalice has been #daughtercoaching me when I have these doubts and said, “Mom, just start writing one a week.  Don’t worry about the technical things, just one a week.”  My friends said “just bring people along the journey as you figure it out, you don’t have to have all the answers or know EXACTLY what it’s going to be or look like. Just start.” My music buddy Ron Harris said, “Quit mashing your potatoes, just jump in the middle.” My sister gave me deadlines.  And another precious influence in my life said,” Aim for the heart of the star – don’t worry about the points.”  And with that I bring:


(which could possibly bring some bling)